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Civil and Building Solutions

PMECS offers a wide range of civil engineering services, from small scale earthworks,
infrastructure projects, residential developments to parking areas.


Briefly we;

▪ design steel, masonry and timber structures;
▪ Construct new buildings and related structures
▪ Renovate and repair buildings
▪ Partition offices for all structures
▪ Offer civil consultation services
▪ Offer structural and architectural designs


Construction project management is a professional service where we use specific project management techniques that oversee the planning, design, and of course, the construction of a project from start to finish.
The most important aspects to control in the construction of our time, cost and quality.


The stages of construction project work include the following:

a) Request for Quotation/ Survey

This can come through a phone call or email from a client requesting us to respond to a particular issue for example construction of classroom block.

b) Feasibility study

Hereafter discussion with the team, a study of the site is carried out to determine the prevailing conditions of the site before the design process can commence

c) Design:

This includes the study of all information gathered from the feasibility study in a bid to prepare drawings where necessary, design of the structure if requested and pricing of a quotation in preparation for the bidding process.
The design is aligned with all building codes like Euro Codes, BS and the regulations.

d) bidding process

Normally this first internally through review of the developed quotation before submission so as to prepare the company representative and team for any questions that may arise in the prebid and to have the most competitive bid.

e) Pre-construction:

When the client gives notice to us that we have been chosen as the best evaluated bidder, the construction project works begin. A project team is allocated that includes a project manager, construction project coordinator, contract administrator, and construction project engineer.

During this stage of the project, another site investigation must be carried out. This will allow the project team to discover if any specific steps need to be included on the job site.

It is important to prepare the site before actual construction is begun. Unforeseen conditions are dealt with at this stage along with a soil test which is used to determine if the soil is in good enough condition in order to be built upon.

f) Procurement:

The procurement stage of a construction project is when the labor, equipment, and materials needed to complete the project successfully are purchased. In most cases, we do this activity as PMECS.

g) Construction:

During the construction stage, a preconstruction meeting is held. This meeting decides on aspects of the project such as work hours, quality control, site access and material storage.

After everything involved in the project is moved on to the construction site and set up construction begins.

h) Owner-occupancy:

After construction is completed, the owner can move into the building. This is when the warranty period begins.

During this period, it is ensured that all the equipment, materials and quality meet the expectations agreed upon during the design and pre-construction phases of the project and that are outlined in the contract between the project team and client.

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Looking for best partner for your next construction works?