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Designing, Installation, Maintenance, Auditing, Management and Documentation.

Designing: PME &CS offers comprehensive structured cabling solutions for Data, Voice, Video, Security systems under one management. The brand of products/ solutions under this arrangement include Systimax Solutions, Siemon Solutions, Dig link Solutions etc. Our solutions range from small business to enterprises. The designing puts into consideration project planning, office space, logical drawings, architectural plans, warranty, and protection of equipment, physical security and management. The type of equipment and speeds dictate the type of transmission media to be used in our designs. Our engineers advise on your Server room space, the cooling, and power requirements. They offer cable management solutions in environments where such are realized by use of recommended cable pathways from Marshall Tufflex, MK etc.
Installations By use of our experienced and trained technical staff by the manufactures, you will be assured of a well labelled, tested, and documented LANs and WANs. The modern installation and test equipment is used to handle such. Our installations provide a full solution to the clients. In addition to cabling we install the Power, Switches, telephone systems, Computers etc and provide you with a totally complete usable and well documented solution.
Network Optimization The PME &CS range of Wired and Wireless products from various manufacturers provide a complete range of solutions for Local Area Networks (LAN) encompassing Structured cabling systems , CCTV solutions , Wireless Antennas , Long Range Wireless , Gigabit Switching , cabinets & enclosures and Tools & testers. The products are to international standards and are UL, 3P, ETL, FCC and RoHS compliant. The Structured cabling range consists of end to end Category 6 UTP and Category 6 10G F/UTP solutions coupled with Fiber optic cable and connectivity supporting both Gigabit (OM2) and 10G Ethernet (OM3). The CCTV solutions have passive Balloon and Patch Panels with state of the art wide angled IP based cameras. The wireless range of antennas consists of Dipole, Omni, Panel, Grid, Sector and Yagi 2.4 GHz Antennas which are fully compatible with branded Wireless Access points to increase signal strength. The Long Range Wireless Products consists of USB Adaptor, Outdoor and Indoor Access points which are suitable for long range connectivity. The full range of cabinets and enclosures with accessories provide a total solution for medium to large Data Centers for the telecommunication industry. The range of high quality Tools and Testers are used in termination and testing of both copper and fiber optic structured cabling systems. The range of un-managed and web smart managed switches provide full gigabit to the desktop with an optional fiber connectivity to the backbone network Our products range Cisco, D-Link, 3 COM. Extreme, Avaya, Alcatel, Panasonic, APC, Tripplite, Eriksson, Siemens, IBM Lenovo, Dell, and Marshall Tufflex
Network Audit:  PME &CS offers network audits from the time a network is installed to the time of handover by use of Fluke equipment and other recommended methods. This includes the amount of cabling material used, serial numbers of equipment and year of manufacture, state of equipment, IP address of equipment, how its connected, logical and architectural drawings etc as may be desired by the client.



PME& CS assists clients in management and protection of networks and data centres from hazards like fire, intrusion etc. Your network can be remotely managed by use of the Net commander.

Electrical engineering services

PME &CS deals in designing, installations and Maintenance of power systems for critical environments. For organizations to perform optimally, they need no breakdown in their systems for the excuse of power problems. It is essential that this is done at the time when all other services like structure cabling, telecom, etc are being done. These power systems need to be designed and installed in such a way that they are monitored, and cannot interrupt operations.
Supply and Servicing of: 
  • Air Conditioning Solutions & accessories (Supplies, installation & Maintenance)
  • Supply of UPS, inverters installation and maintenance
  • Office power solutions, equipment and accessories.
  • Fire System solutions and equipment
  • Inverter supply and Installations/Solar/ Renewable solar solutions
  • Generator Servicing.
  • Solar panel supply, installation, maintenance and repair
  • Electrical solutions, Maintenance, fitting and repair
  • Lightening Protection of Buildings and Data Centres
  • Systems Earthing and Bonding


Business Techonology Solutions and Consultancy Services

PME& CS Ltd consultancy services is a function of particular clientele needs and do vary from customer to customer as dictated by the business demand. The consultancy services are required at times when there is lack of enough skills internally to carry out particular tasks or for purposes of transparency and accountability. We offer consultancy in areas of engineering and ICT by surveying, research, and designing, implementing in complex, multifaceted and multidisciplinary business environment such as Telecoms, ICT and Electrical Projects. We offer Business technology solutions with focus to addressing business issues and needs of our customers which include:
  • Business process re-engineering & Process Mapping
  • ICT Policy Development
  • Developing IT Strategy
  • Designing Enterprise Business Applications and Infrastructural Solutions
  • Setting up and Managing Data Centres
  • Developing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Streamlining Corporate Business Processes
  • Coordinating Enterprise Information Systems Development
  • ICT Training & Help Desk Support
  • Preparation of ICT Projects and Documentation
  • Establishing of enterprise Management Information System Function
  • Conduct Corporate IT Due Diligence
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Customer Relations Management (CRM) Systems
  • ICT Project Management and Quality Assurance


Broad Band Networks and Wireless Solution

PME &CS has well trained engineers who can design, install and maintain wireless solutions. We provide hotspot billing using the radial WIFI Hotspot solution. Telephone systems Voice over Internet Protocol Data Centre Infrastructure and Data Centre Cabinet Solutions. Installation and maintenance of Antennae Masts and Telecom equipment Electronic Security systems, CCTV Installation of Masts, WiFi and BTS stations Sale of Communications equipment VSAT Network installations.


Customer Support Services

PME has qualified and trained support staff has an excellent track record of providing support to our clients in ICT, Telecom and electrical. PME has a technical support of 12 trained core staff, with all the necessary experience. Our staffs are able to assist our clients with a full range of configuration, installation, implementation and maintenance and support for all hardware and software that we supply. This includes servers, pcs, printers and networking. We also provide advice and consultancy covering High availability solutions for mission critical Applications, Back up and disaster recovery consulting and implementation services, local and wide area network infrastructure, planning design and installation. Our staff is trained to support all operating systems that we supply including MS windows for PCs, Microsoft exchange Server, AIX,LINUX, UNIX ,Lotus notes There is an ongoing commitment to training for all PME personnel to ensure that their skills and knowledge are constantly updated in line with whatever technical advances are happening in the Engineering Technology market place. Qualified support staff has an excellent track record of providing support to our clients for the mentioned various engineering aspects.
Perfect Multiple Engineering is also a reseller of the following Power & Network Equipments.
  • LAN Products: Siemon, D-Link, Digilink, Commscope ( Patch panels, sockets, cables )
  • WAN products ; Cisco systems, D-link, 3com( Routers, firewall)
  • Power Systems: Tripplite, APC, Power ware inverters, power rails etc
  • Rack Enclosures from Falcon of all sizes.
  • Wireless products: Linksys, Cisco. Level1 Aalvarion, D-Link
  • PABX,VOIP Solutions: Alcatel, Panasonic, Avaya


Supply & Solutions of Fire Fighting

We also deal in Supply, installation and maintenance of fire fighting equipments and solutions.

Civil Construction

Our Civil Construction and Works include:-
  • Steel & Aluminium Works Fitting and Finishing
  • Glass Fitting
  • Construction of Raised Floor for Server Rooms & Data Centre
  • Office power solutions
  • Space & Office Optimisation
  • Construction of Camping Site Units (Houses)
  • Ceiling Finishing and Floor Tiling
  • Furniture Fitting and structural furnishing

Our Main Services Overview