Environmental Policy


The Environmental Policy of Perfect Multiple Engineering and Consultancy Services Company Limited is to ensure that its operations will be carried out with a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment.

PMECS Company Limited operates in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. The Company also aims to establish higher standards of environmental performance where these are practicable and appropriate, particularly as the business continues to grow.



Our policy towards the environment will be readily available and we will endeavor to ensure that our employees are familiar with and implement our environmental commitment and objectives. Company employees have a legal and moral obligation to carry out their duties with concern for the environment. It is a condition of employment that all staff comply with the Environmental Policy, as specified in our Company policy. All workers of the Company are required to adopt environmental standards fully consistent with those of the Company and they are expected to achieve comparable levels of performance as a condition of their terms of contract.


  1. Compliance with legislation and regulations.
  2. Compliance with legislation and regulations
  3. Swift response to accidents or incidents that have a potential to threaten the environment.
  4. Conservation of resources and energy, to minimize emission to air, water and land and increase recycling rates.
  5. Disposal of any waste products in accordance with relevant legislation.
  6. Provision of advice on the safe handling of company products, their transportation and their final disposal to customers, contractors and employees.
  7. Encourage the development and use of products, processes and equipment with concern for the future of the environment.
  8. Communicate freely on environmental matters with government officials, employees, customers and members of the public.
  9. Provision of training for all employees as appropriate to enable them to carry out their job functions in a manner that shows care for the environment.
  10. Undertake environmental audits when required.
  11. Promote environmental principles by sharing experience with regulatory bodies, industry associations, other companies, employees and members of the public as appropriate.

James Nkooka


Perfect Multiple Engineering and Consultancy Services Ltd. Reviewed March 2013.



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